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Mavshack subscriptions to be part of upcoming Papal visit to the Philippines

Mavshack Philippines signed a deal today with Fr. Anton Pascual, President and CEO of DZRV Radio Veritas Foundation, Inc., opening the way for a product bundle of the 2015 Papal Visit by Pope Francis to the Philippines.

Mavshack, has been granted a global license for the bundling of Mavshack Subscriptions and the Pope's Commemorative Card. Other Papal merchandise items such as card-thin PowerBanks, USB products and other items are also included in the license.

- The product bundle campaign envisioned for Mavshack will be delivered in the form of a self-liquidating promotion through the merchandise itself. The commerorative card will feature a PIN code that enables the buyer to register and use the Mavshack services for 30 Days with Mavshack receiving its full distributor price for each card sold, said Lozano.

- The second form of merchandising involved in the product bundle will involve a self-launching application embedded in USB and other products with the PIN code to deliver the same benefit in a highly-sought after promotional item.

Filipinos from all ages have been waiting for the new pope to visit and bless the country, especially after the Visayan Region has suffered from Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) last year. Hundreds of Papal Merchandise have been produced, and are still being patronized by Catholics all over the world since Pope Francis has been declared. The pilgrimage of Filipino's and other Asian Catholics is expected to be in the 100's of 1000's with millions of Catholics looking on through mass media.

- The bundling of Mavshack's subscription to coincide with the Papal visit will be accompanied by special content and other features on the Mavshack platform, said Lozano.

Mavshack is considering different merchandising items that can be produced to deliver the subscription sales, as well as the evangelical message of this historic visit. An estimated 83 million Catholics populate the Philippines making it the largest Catholic country in Asia. Mavshack will also be present at the visit itself and plans on activating several promotions in the hundreds of retail stores selling its products before and during the visit.

Stockholm July 24 2014

For more information, please Contact:
Jerry Lozano
Country Director Philippines
+63 02 437 1447

Marika Khodr
Brand Manager
+46 70 640 68 83

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