Corporate governance

Mavshack is a Swedish publicly listed company on Nasdaq First North Growth Market since 16 June 2014 and follow the First North's rules. Headquartered in Stockholm and another office in Manila in the Philippines. Furthermore, the company staff in Mumbai and in New York. Mavshack does not apply the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance and the Annual Accounts Act's rules on corporate governance report, as the Nasdaq First North is not defined as a regulated market and these rules therefore not being applied.


Mavshack’s organizational structure is presented in the matrix below. At present Mavshack has approximately 50 employees.

Mavshack Organizational chart

Group Structure

Mavshack Movies AB is a global operating subsidiary with agreements both on the revenue side with the providers of payment solutions such as PayPal, EC-Pay, etc. and additionally signs agreements with content providers and technology suppliers such as Akamai and Amazon Cloud. Mavshack Development AB, formerly Tradix AB, is a subsidiary where all technical development takes place. Mavshack acquired a 51 percent stake of the subsidiary Ambientmedia July 30, 2015. Ambientmedia is a Philippine production company and is responsible for the production of Mavshack Original content, as well as for daily contacts with content providers in the Philippines. Mavshacks group structure is shown in the matrix below.

Mavshack Group Structure

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